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what exactly do you do for the encore?

Side A
Artist Song
pulp  disco 2000 
scissor sisters  comfortably numb 
beck  guess I'm doing fine 
jay jay johnson  suffering 
pj harvey  pocket knife 
massive attack  better things 
bjork  one day 
tori amos  blue skies 
brian eno  sparrowfall (3) 
air  playground love 
the cure  friday I'm in love (acoustic) 
erika's jive  tell you now 
smashing pumpkins  landslide 
joy division  transmission 
junior senior  shake me baby 
new order  brutal 
Side B
pet shop boys  rent 
bryan ferry  bete noire 
pulp  this is hardcore 
philip glass  dance 8 
nine inch nails  leaving hope 
everything but the girl  missing 
genevieve maynard  messiah 
new order  guilty partner 
placebo  peeping tom 
john lennon  love 
bjork  undo 
brian eno  an ending (ascent) 


original concept for the mix (from my journal): "I am currently in the process of adding songs from Party Shuffle in iTunes to a new playlist. This will eventually make its way to a 120 min tape, since I can't burn CDs, and is surprisingly free of love songs. I think. I'm going more for a chilled beats, laid-back acoustic feel with the odd loud pop song thrown in for cheap thrills, as I get the impression this is what suits him best. Watch out--if I make you a compilation tape, it means I really, really like you."

this playlist has been transposed onto a 120 min tape (because I don't have a CD burner) & the tracklisting has been slightly adjusted--in a couple of cases, ironically I have lent the CDs with certain tracks to the mix's intended recipient. at the last minute I decided one or two other songs were more appropriate.

so much for the idea of being free of love songs!
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Date: 8/4/2004
Top notch!
Date: 8/4/2004
This is incredible.
Date: 8/4/2004
This is incredible.
Nicholas Vegas
Date: 8/7/2004
itza very Great Mix here