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CD | Theme - Alternating DJ

Im leaving, no jet plane, ill be back sunday

Side A
Artist Song
X Clan  Verbal Milk 
Captain Anarchy (my remix)  Anti-flag (remix byme) 
Moon over asbury  Bouncing Souls 
White Girl  heavens to betsy 
DO you realize?  the flaming lips 
Price of oil  billy bragg 
Blind Ambitions  The Partisans 
No Self Control  The Planet Smashers 
Millions of Damned Christians  MDC 
Slit your own throat  (charged) GBH 
No Reason  Minor Threat 
Give em the Lumber  DOA 
Government Policy  The Expelled 
The Cat with Two Heads  THe Aquabats 
Intertiac Esp   The mars volta 
How do they cram all that graham  The Indecisives 
Stars N Stripes  River City Rebels 
Special Brew  Bad Manners 
New Barbarians  UK Subs 
Its a Nightmare  The Casualties 
Side B


if youd like a copy (cd or tape) Ill be obliged to send you it (with any tracks you wante left out).
I put a lot of really good punk on here, though some that i dont like but thought worked well (same with a few ska tracks)