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CD | Alternative - Indie Rock
CD | Alternative - Indie Rock

the fully air-conditioned sound of speed

Artist Song
john murphy  in paradisum 
moby   god moving over the face of the waters 
hybrid  finished sympathy 
oasis  who feels love 
mandalay  not seventeen 
radiohead  we suck young blood 
dashboard confessional  morning calls 
radiohead  (nice dream) 
tahiti 80  heartbeat 
our lady peace  somewhere out there 
spiritualized  lord, can you hear me? 
oasis  stop crying your heart out 
norah jones  shoot the moon 
david gray  say hello, wave goodbye 


i wouldn't call this a traditional break-up album. i made this mix with tracks that remind me of my ex, as a type of closure (sounds strange, i'm sure, but it works for me)