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Cassette | Theme - Depression

Windows, Mirrors, and Clocks

Side A
Artist Song
Nick Drake  Parasite 
The Verve  Life's an Ocean (live '97, Electric Sess.) 
Jefferson Airplane  Embrionic Journey 
Ride  Seagull 
Manitoba  Skunks 
Simon & Garfunkle  Save the Life of my Child 
Neotropic  Slink 
DJ Shadow  What DOes Your Soul Look Like (part 2) 
DJ Shadow  What Does Your Soul Look Like (part 3) 
Neotropic  Closer to the Sun 
Brian Eno  Music for Airports - A1 
Side B
sailing down stairs   
not enough emotion   
the streets of amsterdam   
a waking dream   
the rising action   
good god don't jump   
you took too much   
does anyone remember   
come down   
blooming sad beauty   
keep on moving   


I think the title speaks for itself. One artistic note; the oragami cd case does not include the track titles or artist names. What appears as 'Side 2' above is what is printed on the case for titles and corresponds to the same track numbers on 'Side 1'. NB: not a K7