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Rock for Boxing Pt.1

Artist Song
Weezer  Say It Ain't So 
Rusty  Misogny 
Screaming Trees  Nearly Lost You 
Therapy?  Trigger Inside 
Stone Temple Pilots  Sex Type Thing 
Nirvana  Stay Away 
Pearl Jam  Glorified G 
Matthew Good Band  Rico 
Rage Against the Machine  Guerilla Radio 
Everclear  Santa Monica 
Radiohead  Bones 
Pixies   Debaser 
Pearl Jam  Spin the Black Circle 
Danko Jones  Fucked Up 
Weezer  Knock Down-Drag Out 
Therapy?  Knives 
Pixies  Rock Music 


First mix in a while, been busy with switching jobs and other life stuff. Took a break from hitting the punching bag, and found that getting back into it is helped by some more aggressive music then what I'd been listening to before. No real sense of order to this one, it's pretty much meant to be played on random.


Date: 8/11/2004
love the pixies and therapy? trax