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The "I Don't Know What To Call This" Mix

Artist Song
Unknown  In Your Eyes (acoustic) 
The Beach Boys  God Only Knows 
The Bangles  Eternal Flame 
Jeff Buckley  Lover You Should Have Come Over 
Led Zeppelin  Thank You 
Foo Fighters  Everlong (acoustic) 
Jimmy Eat World  For Me This Is Heaven 
The Cure  Just Like Heaven 
Something Corporate  Inside The Pocket 
Gavin DeGraw  Follow Through 
The Smiths  Ask 
Phantom Planet  Always on my Mind 
Guns and Roses  Patience 
Led Zeppelin  Stairway To Heaven 
Peter Gabriel  In Your Eyes (acoustic) 


Don't think that the title of this mix is a cop-out. I made in in that awkward stage of dating when you aren't quite sure what you are or where you stand. These songs were all things that I wanted, had, or thought I had. The only song that is totally random and I wish wasn't on there was "Stairway To Heaven". I also totally forget who sings the acoustic "In Your Eyes" because that file was on my old computer and I never wrote it down, but it's good.
Made Dec. 2003


Date: 2/10/2005