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A Manic Depressive Named Laughing Boy

Artist Song
Modest Mouse  Alone Down There 
Ryan Adams  She Wants To Play Hearts 
The Cure  The Blood 
The Faint  Syntax Lies 
Interpol  Roland 
Modest Mouse  Custom Concern 
The Cure  Close To Me 
Mogwai  Like Herod 
Modest Mouse  A Manic Depressive Named Laughing Boy 
The Faint  Acting:On Campus TV 
The Cure  3 Imaginary Boys 
Toploader  Dancing In The Moon Light 
Ryan Adams  La Cienga Just Smiled 
Modest Mouse  Whenever you Breathe Out I Breathe In 
The Cure  Spider Man 
Modest Mouse  Novocaine Stain 
The Cure  Letter To elise 
The Faint  Some Incriminating Photos 


for some reason song 13 might not show up-its not on my computer so the song is "La Cienga Just Smiled"