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i wanna have your llamas

Artist Song
aphex twin  xtal 
the flaming lips  fight test 
beck  lord only knows 
my bloody valentine  soft as snow (but warm inside) 
moby  porcelain 
john brion  theme [from eternal sunshine of the spotless mind] 
yo la tengo  autumn sweater 
the cardigans  erase/rewind 
brian eno  i'll come running 
teenage fanclub  what you do to me 
the beatles  old brown shoe 
the ramones  i wanna be your boyfriend 
ashby  old gold 
air  ce matin la 
al green  let's stay together 


my first mix after a long hiatus. i've also gotten pseudo-technical for this one, and actually put in (where appropriate) some corny crossfading, fade-outs, and extended-pauses.
you gutsa?


Date: 8/22/2004
Is that Cardigans from their new one? If so, is it good?
Date: 8/22/2004
hah that's circa-1998 cardigans. i think the single (erase/rewind) is good, but the album isn't that great. it sounds like a pop band'd stab at arty/angsty electronica...