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Being sincere never solves anything

Artist Song
Sound effects  Payphone sequence 
Sebadoh  Temptation tide 
Desert sessions  Creosote 
The Lemonheads  Frank Mills 
Miho Hatori  Crazy for you 
Beachwood Sparks  Ghostdance 1492 
Gentle Waves  Hangman in the shadow 
Elf power  Jane 
Built to spill  Distopian dream girl 
Brain Liaters  Drum & Tuba 
A band of bees  Angryman 
Boards of Canada  Sixtyniner 
The Clientele  House on fire 
Mazzy Star  Halah 
Gorky's Zygotic Mynci  Stood on gold 
Lanterna  Thirty 
Baxter Dury  Oscar Brown 
Mark Turmell V2.0  Dan Bryk 
Turin Brakes  Painkiller 


A mix a day keeps the numbness away; so here's a toast to trying something new. P.S.- I don't know what to classify it as...
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Date: 8/22/2004
I see a lot of 94-ish songs. It was one of my favorite times really. Halah is beautiful. But I also like the Gentle Waves and Beachwood Sparks.