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That New Car Smell!!!

Artist Song
Modest Mouse  The World at Large 
Death Cab for Cutie  The New Year 
Broken Social Scene  Cause = Time 
Kiddo  New Year's Resolution 
Metric  Succexy 
Pretty Girls Make Graves  Something Bigger, Something Brighter 
The Blood Brothers  Fucking Great 
Taking Back Sunday  A Decade Under The Influence 
Million Dead  Charlie And The Propaganda Myth Machine 
Alexisonfire  "Hey, It's Your Funeral Mama" 
Blood Brothers  Apocalypse (offical!!) 
Modest Mouse  Black Cadillacs 
Robots In Disguise  Postcards From... 
Le Tigre  The Empty 
Robots In Disguise  Mnemonic 
Metric  Dead Disco 
Pretty Girls Make Graves  The Grandmother Wolf 
The Infamous Mr. White  Where Did Ram Go? 
Million Dead  Pornography For Cowards 
Fairmount Girls  Summer 
Death Cab For Cutie  Transatlanticism 
Modest Mouse  The Good Times Are Killing Me 


Wow freakin' wow!! Holy new metallic blue paint job, DJ Tech!!
Wow, what a preakin' summer AoTM, hope everyone can say the same, you know?!? Two weeks ago my family and I, took a trip down to Georgia. For the trip I bought lots of CDs and this mix pretty much chronologize the order, in which, I listened to them. The Le Tigre track marks the start of the journey home.
The title refers to 'that new car smell' when you buy a new car. Picture soon to be posted along with an official new car mix, any suggestions, comments, or concerns are gladly appreciated!! Thank you all!! Peace -- DJ Tech


Date: 8/22/2004
It looks like Modest Mouse, Robots in Disguise, and Pretty Girls Make Graves are battling. I don't know who to bet on. I guess if pressed to make a choice, PGMG could probably use super judo techniques to bring the others down. Okay I'm talking nonsense on your comments. Sorry.
Date: 8/22/2004
*bows to death cab for cutie*