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I Goddam Hate Lousy Mixtapes If You Wanna Know The Truth! PART 2

Side A
Artist Song
Walking Contradiction  (For Ernest Morrow) 
When I Come Around   
In The End   
One For The Razorbacks   
Hitchin' A Ride   
Nice Guys Finish Last   
Prosthetic Head   
Having a Blast   
1OOO Hours   
Side B
(p. 55)  "Sensitive, that killed me, that guy was about as sensitive as a goddam toilet seat." 
(p. 62)  "The trouble was that kind of junk was fascinating to watch, even if you didn't want it to be." 
(p. 72)  "She was really a moron, but what a dancer." 
(p. 76)  "All of the sudden on my way out of the lobby, I got old Jane Gallegher on the brain again." 
(p. 84)  "If you were only around six years old you could get liquor at Ernie's." 
(p. 89)  "Its no fun to be yellow. Maybe I'm not all yellow, I don't know." 
(p. 96)  "I don't think I could ever do it with somebody that sits in a stupid movie all day." 
(p. 104)  "But I'd plug him anyway. Six shots right through his fat hairy belly." 
(p.106)  "She gave me a pain in the ass but she was very good looking." 


This is part two of my Narration of Catcher in the Rye. I couldn't submit it all at once because I kept getting error messages, so I'm doing it in four parts.