120 minutes of "leaving my skeptic side"

Artist Song
All-Time Quarterback  Sock Hop  
starflyer 59  fell in love at 22  
Joni Mitchell  blue  
Simon & Garfunkel  kathy's song  
All-Time Quarterback  Why I Cry  
Rooney  I'm Shakin 
Hood  The Negatives  
Ms. John Soda  done twice  
spiritualized  broken heart  
Neil Young  a man needs a maid  
Pedro The Lion  this love is metaphysical 
M·m  the ghosts you draw on my back 
john lennon  jealous guy  
Jimmy Eat World  table for glasses  
Nada Surf  blonde on blonde  
Better Than Ezra  Desperately Wanting  
Ampop  Love Song 
Placebo  soulmates never die 
Radiohead  true love waits  
Starsailor  good souls  
Broken Social Scene  lover's spit  
Iron And Wine  sixteen maybe less 
Cyann & Ben  Heartlessly Perfect 
Rufus Wainwright  my baby 
Yo La Tengo  You don't have to be so sad 
Jets to Brazil  lucky charm  
Massive Attack with Sinead O'Connor  what your soul sings to me 
Emak Bakia  Never Like Graffiti  


This is your basic "Love, and all that comes with it," type-uh mix. Here however, we see the randomosity of the narrator flipping around as they are fighting the war between elation vs. cynicism. (Run-on sentence).
Anyway, clearly it has more of a musical flow than a lyrical one. The title comes from the refrain in the Jimmy Eat World song, "Table for Glasses," where he says, "...leave my skeptic side," an indicator of the goal when the narrator is done with the mix. cover art from explodingdog.
image for mix


Date: 8/26/2004
you forgot the songs...
Date: 8/29/2004
the songs for some reason did not post on my comp. well, now here they are. so now you can decide if you still like it!
Date: 9/2/2004
some of my favorite john lennon, pedro the lion, jets to brazil songs