don't forget to let your life rot you inside out.

Side A
Artist Song
the make*up  (make me a) feelin' man 
dr. frank  sad, sad shadow 
excuse 17  code red 
alkaline trio  trouble breathing 
nirvana  pennyroyal tea 
tori amos  spark 
black flag  the crazy girl 
dead kennedys  drug me 
harum scarum  mental health 
blue meanies  ruin and renew 
the mr. t experience  time for your medicine 
the murmurs  i'm a mess 
elliott smith  everybody cares, everybody understands 
the ramones  psycho therapy 
operation ivy  smiling 
Side B
the lillingtons  black hole in my mind 
sleater-kinney  call the doctor 
bouncing souls  neurotic 
the queers  next stop rehab 
hole  miss world 
alkaline trio  maybe i'll catch fire 
social distortion  cold feelings 
rainer maria  sickbed 
the mr. t experience  that prozac moment 
reel big fish  everything is cool 
dead kennedys  your emotions 
spitboy  isolation burns 
screeching weasel  i need therapy 
heavenly  me and my madness 
black flag  depression 
fiona apple  sullen girl 


wellbutrin is saving my life. drugs are good. yeah, so this mix is all about the mental health. the title comes from the alk3 song "trouble breathing," and there are lots of songs about being screwed-up and depressed + songs about therapy and medication. . .you know: prozac, laxatives, and cherry-flavored antacids. . .


Date: 12/11/2000
This looks very, very good. I don't know if I've got anything you'd like, but if you'd take a look at some of my stuff, I'd love to trade.
Date: 2/25/2002
my brother is depressed and i need to make him a mixtape cause he is in the hospital. this is the mix i was looking for for thank you