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Right the First Time

Artist Song
Sarah McLachlan  Angel 
Roy Orbison  Dream 
Guster  Happier 
Elliott Smith  Oh Well, Okay 
Joni Mitchell  River 
Ben Harper  Pleasure and Pain 
John Mayer  Man on the Side 
Tori Amos  Time 
Dan Hardin  From Here 
NIN  Hurt (Quiet) 
Todd Thibaud  Total Stranger 
Jann Arden  You Don't Know Me 
Linkin Park  My December 
Jars of Clay  Fade to Grey 
Switchfoot  Let That Be Enough 
Alison Krauss  Dreaming My Dreams With You 
Ben Folds  The Luckiest 


Made in September 2003.


oh well,ok and the luckiest are two of the most emotional songs ever,good work!