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(I should have thought of a name for this before I decided to post it)

Artist Song
  Captain Planet Theme Song 
Looper  Mondo '77 
Jeff Mangum  A Baby for Pree/Glow into You 
Ben Folds  The Last Polka (live) 
M·m  Behind two Hills, a Swimming Pool 
Allison Krauss  Down in the River to Pray 
The Strokes  Soma 
The Shins  We will Become Silhouettes 
Dar Williams  Southern California wants to be Western New York 
The Presidents of the United States of America  Some Postman 
The Red Sea  Let's get Wet 
Worrytrain  Via Madoline Ralley 
The Microphones  The Moon 
The Forecast  Water Makes the Weeds Grow Tall 
Hot Club of Cowtown  'Deed I Do 
Badly Drawn Boy  Once Around the Block 
Dismemberment Plan  Time Bomb 
The Naysayer  66 Cicadas 
The Magnetic Fields  The Luckiest Guy on the Lower East Side 
The New Pornographers  Miss Teen Wordpower 
Bright Eyes  A Perfect Sonnet 
Neko Case  Furnace Room Lullabye 
  "Peace Out" (clip from Napoleon Dynamite) 


Not an incredilbe mix or anything, I just wanted to make my friend a cd and actually finish it rather than getting half-done then shelving it.


the shenanigan machine
Date: 9/2/2004
starting out on a tv theme is always cool, but maybe i'm just saying that cos i've done it myself once or twice. that said, captain planet is my most hated of all cartoon heroes. still, cool idea :)
Brian McSexy
Date: 9/2/2004
I completely hate Captain Planet but for some reason I'm obsessed with the show and even more so, the theme song.