I dropped out of the old school. I got kicked right out of the new school.

Artist Song
Gary Jules  Heroes & Heroin 
Jolie Holland  Mad Tom of Bedlam 
Tom Waits  Hoist That Rag 
Old Crow Adams  Captain Hook Swamp Odyssey  
Jason Wilber  The Ballad of Amazing Grace and Sideshow Dan 
The Gourds  Jesus and Tequila 
Merle Haggard  I'm Gonna Break Every Heart I Can 
The Minus Five  The Night Chicago Died Again 
Mickey and His Salty Sea Dogs  Going All Out 
The Safes  Not to Keep 
The Forty-Fives  Midnight Creep 
The Cramps  Mama Oo Pow Pow 
The Supersuckers  Bubblegum and Beer 
The Riverdales  Riverdale Stomp 
Flogging Molly  Devil's Dance Floor 
World/Inferno Friendship Society  Fiend In Wien 
Melissa Auf Der Mauer  I'll Be Anything You Want 
Cold Cold Hearts  Cute Boy Discount 
The Dirtmitts  Blacker Than Strong 
The Girls  Dope Disguised As Nuns 
The Phantom Limbs  Girl On a Trapeze 
Gas Huffer  Release the Robots 
Lars Fredriksen and the Bastards  Little Rude Girl 
The Exploding Fuck Dolls  Rebel Rouser 
Freedom and Whiskey  The Ghost of Mary Green 
The Frisk  Fuck You 
The Soviettes  Don't Say No 


Just for the hell of it. The title comes from the World/Inferno song.


phat grrl
Date: 9/4/2004
now, this is a good mix. EXCELLENT work (esp. the cramps, gary jules, and gas huffer tracks <3)!
Date: 9/4/2004
nice,im likin this stuff.
Date: 9/8/2004
Lookin' mighty fine!