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Sunshower Sun

Artist Song
The Bachelor Pad  Sunshower Sun 
The Brilliant Corners  Delirious 
The Revillos  Where's The Boy For Me? 
Bob Hund  Rock 'n' Roll Tar Dod Pa Mig 
The Primitives  Spacehead 
Les Calamites  Le Supermarche 
Fat Tulips  Nothing Less Than You Deserve 
Fourteen Iced Bears  Take It 
The Lines  Barbican 
Galaxie 500  The Other Side 
Th Faith Healers  Sparklingly Chime 
The Minders  Hand Me Downs 
Unrest   Cath Carroll 
Gol Gappas  West 14 
Twa Toots  Run, Jump 
Cinnamon  Maybe In The Next Life 
Stars  Elevator Love Letter 
Elegant  Nett! 
Eggstone  April And May 
Denim  Summer Smash 
Dead Famous People  Gladwrap 
Comet Gain  Just Fourteen 
Dolly Mixture  Everything and More 
Manitoba  Crayon 
Shampoo  School Is Boring 



Date: 9/11/2004
Wow!! My personal mix of the week! Dolly Mixture! Fat Tulips! Dead Famous People! Unrest! Les Calamites! Brilliant Corners! Did you sneak into my house and borrow my record collection?