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Wilco [Roger]

Artist Song
Wilco  Monday  
Wilco  I'm a Wheel  
Wilco w/Billy Bragg  Somebody Some Morning Sometime 
Wilco  At Least That's What You Said  
Wilco  Wishful Thinking  
Wilco  Blue Eyed Soul  
Wilco w/Billy Bragg  At My Window Sad & Lonely 
Wilco  Should've Been In Love  
Wilco  I'm the Man Who Loves You  
Wilco  Say You Miss Me  
Wilco  How To Fight Loneliness  
Wilco  Handshake Drugs  
Wilco  A Shot in the Arm  
Wilco  I Must Be High  
Wilco  Outtasite (Outta Mind)  
Wilco  Nothing'severgonnastandinmyway (Again)  
Wilco  Can't Stand It  
Wilco  Spiders (Kidsmoke)  


Made this for a friend at work who'd never really listened to Wilco before. A Ghost is Born is my fave CD of 2004 so far, so heavy on that one, but with good reason as it's an awesome album.
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Date: 9/14/2004
Very very nice! I think 'A Ghost is Born' is probably my fav CD so far this year as well! Though competition isn't coming on that strong - there has been plenty of decent albums by Ash, Badly Drawn Boy, Von Bondies - but nothing too strong. Great mix, you've hit plenty of my fav's! Spiders kick ass!!
Date: 9/14/2004
a totally lovely picture to accompany a totally lovely mix! I just recently converted someone to Wilco and this mix should do the trick for your friend as well. :)
Date: 9/15/2004
A Ghost is Born is my favorite of the year too. Hell is Chrome is beautiful.
Date: 9/15/2004
Very nice. Wilco is a wonderful band and definitely in the top of 04.