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if you work it out tell me what you find

Artist Song
the walkmen  the rat 
the arcade fire  laika 
ted leo/pharmacists  hearts of oak 
outkast  ghettomusick 
mclusky  to hell with good intentions 
the futureheads  decent days and nights 
pavement  shoot the singer (1 sick verse) 
mf doom and mc paul barman  apple pie 
lifter puller  roaming the foam 
death cab for cutie  blacking out the friction 
yo la tengo  today is the day 
the decemberists  billy liar 
clouddead  dead dogs two 
thrush hermit  from the back of the film 
stars  elevator love letter 
grandaddy  el caminos in the west 
pinback  tripoli 
the inbreds  any sense of time 
feist  mushaboom 
wolf parade  dear sons and daughters of hungry ghosts 
madvillain and medaphoar  raid 
broken social scene  marketfresh 


haven't posted anything on aotm in a while! thought i should. this is a mix for walking to school. it is pretty upbeat.