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CD | Mixed Genre
CD | Mixed Genre
CD | Theme - Road Trip

More Talk, Less Rock: Spoken word, movie dialogue, songs with narration, and more

Side A
Artist Song
Captain Beefheart  I'm a Bandleader 
Phil Ek  Built To Spill fake album preview 
William S. Burroughs  Naked Lunch (excerpt) 
Tom Waits  What's He Building? 
Reservoir Dogs dialogue  Let's Get a Taco 
Chris Rock  Marion Barry 
Ween  Pollo Asado 
The Who  Pete Townshend dialogue 
The Blair Witch Project  movie dialogue 
Jackie Brown dialogue  Detroit 9000 
Lou Reed  Harry's Circumcision 
Jello Biafra  Rob Now Pay Later 
Muhammad Ali  dialogue from Ween's "Powder Blue" 
Dick Kunc  The Dick Kunc Story 
Tex Williams  Downtown Poker Club 
The Jerky Boys  The Gay Model 
Chris Rock  Luther Campbell 
The End of Violence  movie dialogue 
Lord Buckley  The Hip Gahn 
R.L. Burnside  Tojo Told Hitler 
Basquiat dialogue  Van Gogh's Ear 
Chris Rock  Champagne 
Side B
Beastie Boys  The Blue Nun 
The Green Berets  movie dialogue 
The Jerky Boys  Roofing 
Del Close & John Brent  Basic Hip 
Ken Nordine  Olive 
The Beatles  Dear Wack 
The Who  Life with the Moons 
Del Close & John Brent  Cool 
The Who  Life with the Moons 2 
Del Close & John Brent  Uncool 
Chris Rock  Niggas Vs. Black People 
Nick Marion Taylor  Suicide Hotline 
The Simpsons  TV dialogue 
Jim Carroll  Nightclubbing 
Chris Rock  The Commitment Dilemma 
The End of Violence  movie dialogue 
The Body Has a Head  A Little Restraint 
Sonic Youth  Providence 
Kathleen Hanna  dialogue from Mike Watt's "Heartbeat" 
Bonnie and Clyde  movie dialogue 
Richard Thompson  Psycho Street 
Bob Holman  1990 
Captain Beefheart, Frank Zappa, and unknown neighbor  Herb/Septic Tank 
Klute  movie dialogue 


I envisioned this as sort of channel surfing through an imaginary TV with something good on each channel.


Michaelangelo Matos
Date: 12/30/2000
I'd add Tom T. Hall, DJ Shadow, Clarence Carter's "Making Love (at the Dark End of the Street)"--amazing spoken-word narrative.
Date: 2/4/2006
hot! will you stay tuned for my spoken word and comedy mixes?