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Travel Mix 2004

Artist Song
Simon & Garfunkel  America 
The Sonic Youth  New Hampshire 
Elton John  Philadelphia Freedom 
The Beegees  Massachusetts 
Neil Young  Philadelphia 
Michael Tolcher  Sooner Or Later 
Elton John  Mona Lisas And Madhatters 
Maria Mena  You're The Only One 
The Standells  Love That Dirty Water 
Perry Como  Delaware 
Fastball  The Way 
Neutral Milk Hotel  Holland 1945 
Ingram Hill  Will I Ever Make It Home? 
Nena  99 Luft Balloons 
Lou Reed  Berlin 
Damien Rice  Prague 
Billy Joel  Vienna 
Amelie Soundtrack  (Track 6, Title Unknown =X) 
Coldplay  Amsterdam 
Goldfinger  99 Red Balloons 


I went all over the place this summer and decided to devote a mix to it. I probably could have done a better job, but I tried to find as many songs for places I was going as possible in two days and this is what I came up with. (Plus other significant bad music of the summer)