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CD | Dance - Techno

The Periodic Table

Artist Song
Barenaked Ladies  Aluminum 
Tori Amos  Carbon 
DDT  Chlorine 
Colophon  Cobalt 
Ken Nordine  Gold 
RPM  Helium 
Siobhan Donaghy  Iodine 
Bid Bad Zero  Lead 
Nirvana  Lithium 
Guillermo E. Brown  Manganese 
John Mayer  Neon 
Playboy W.  Platinum 
Mark Lizotte  Silicone 
Down Pilot  Sodium 


Please don't give me credit for this one. It was ITunes and I thought it was sooo cool that it needed to be on here. So If you want to give someone credit go to ITunes and go find this IMix and then rate it highly.