I'm Not Down

Side A
Artist Song
Tom Waits  San Diego Serenade 
Jason Wilber  Lost In Your Hometown 
Nick Drake  One of These Things First 
Rilo Kiley  More Adventurous 
The Smiths  This Charming Man 
World/Inferno Friendship Society  Charming Side of Drunk 
Oingo Boingo  On the Outside 
Gang of Four  At Home He's a Tourist 
The Epoxies  Science of You 
The Manhandlers  Make Out Bandit 
Midnight Creeps  Doomed From the Get Go 
The Criminals  Get Over It 
The GC5  Turn Their Backs 
The 'Tone  Busy Being Bored 
Side B
The Clash  I'm Not Down 
Circle Jerks  Love Kills 
The Cramps  Queen of Pain 
Dresden Dolls  Girl Anachronism 
Rasputina  Rusty the Skatemaker 
Trailer Bride  Hope Is a Thing With Feathers 
Bessie Smith  Young Woman's Blues 
Jolie Holland  Poor Girl 
Flogging Molly  Wanderlust 
Leonard Cohen  Chelsea Hotel No. 2 
Modest Mouse  The View 
PJ Harvey and John Parish  Is That All There Is? 
Joe Strummer and The Mescaleros  Silver and Gold 


A few months back, I made a mix that sort of describes me/my life, titled "A diamond that wants to stay coal." However, I have changed so much since then, that I felt the need to make a second volume. And here it is.