a circle of friends, it has no end

Artist Song
the buzzcocks  orgasm addict 
kelis  milkshake 
the church  under the milky way tonight 
david bowie  star 
david bowie  velvet goldmine 
bikini kill  rebel girl 
the yeah yeah yeahs  y control 
mohammed rafi  jaan pehechaan ho 
sleater-kinney  dance song 97 
the cure  boys don't cry 
dish  thumb vs. thumb 
the clash  stand by me (train in vain) 
the flaming lips  she don't use jelly 
the flaming lips  do you realize?? 
rem  electrolite 
rem  fall on me 
john lennon  stand by me 
the beatles  blackbird 
oasis  wonderwall 
the velvet underground  stephanie says 
neutral milk hotel  in the aeroplane over the sea 
the red hot chili peppers  soul to squeeze 
the pillows  bran-new love song 


i made this for a boy im becoming friends with. he said he wanted a happy cd, and that was the best i could come up with.


Date: 9/26/2004
What a rockin' way to start out "happy cd"!
Date: 10/1/2004
This is a killer mix. Fall On Me is my fav R.E.M. tune.
Date: 10/1/2004
Some nice stuff. The use of "jaan pehechaan ho" is sure to mae the listener happy.
Date: 10/1/2004
this is fabulous. "rebel girl" always makes me really happy too