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A Mix to Fend off Winter

Artist Song
The Eels  Mr. E's Beautiful Blues 
Wilco  Heavy Metal Drummer 
Supergrass  Pumping on Your Stereo 
Fountains of Wayne  Red Dragon Tattoo 
The Stills  Lola Stars and Stripes 
Ben Kweller  Commerce, TX 
Camper Van Beethoven  Take the Skinheads Bowling 
Adam Green  Bluebirds 
The Velvet Underground  Who Loves the Sun 
Moxy Fruvous  Get in the Car 
Paul Simon  Me and Julio Down by the Schoolyard 
Great Big Sea  Consequence Free 
Da Vinci's Notebook  Enormous Penis 


I hate winter. I hate the possibility of snow. So I'm just denying the fact that it's fall already by surrounding myself with light, relatively mindless music that practically screams warm and summery. Hopefully this will do the job.


Date: 10/2/2004
The first three tunes are a wonderful start to the mix!