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Running from Desire

Artist Song
Hackberry Ramblers  Cajun Boogie 
Slobberbone  Pinball Song 
Tindersticks  Drunk Tank 
Iron & Wine  He Lags in the Reigns 
Rogue Wave  Nourishment Nation 
Sad Like Crazy  Nettle 
lucky motors  ashtray of kisses 
The Wrens  Jane Fakes a Hug 
The Mountain Goats  Saigon Shrunken Panorama 
Ainjel Emme  Apart (Cure cover) 
Arco  Lie 
Part II 
Aroah  Fuck Rock 
Twilight Singers  Please Stay (Once You Go Away) 
The Secret Machines  Breathe 
Arcade Fire  Crown of Love 
'Sheep Count the Revision' 
M·m  Dreams Never Die 
Chris Coco feat. Nick Cave  Sunday Morning (V.U. cover) 
Fennesz  Rivers of Sand 
Timeout Drawer  The End of Every Movie 


made for the best person evar! ..and some others.

Sections: 1-7; 8-16; interlude; 18-21

Cover is Chi from Chobits (for whenever the images work again).
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