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Cookie Cream

Side A
Artist Song
Dolly Mixture  Miss Candy Twist 
Moose  Meringue 
Orange Juice  Breakfast Time, Breakfast Time 
The Fizzbombs  Cherry Cherry 
Bad Dream Fancy Dress  Lemon Tarts 
Acid House Kings  She Fakes Apples 
Yo La Tengo  Sugarcube 
Olaf Hund  Goute Cerise (Pop Tics Edit) 
The Flaming Lips  Gingerale Afternoon 
Eggstone  Cornflake Crown 
Bikini Kill  Strawberry Julius 
Jumbo  HON Honey 
Avocado Baby  Drink Me 
East Village  Strawberry Window 
Strawberry Switchblade  Dance 
Three Berry Ice Cream  A Sunny Springday 
The Yummy Fur  Vanilla Minelli 
The Yummy Fur  Our Peppermint Scene 
Side B
Starlight Mints  Sugar Blaster 
The Dentists  Peppermint Dreams 
Unrest  Six Layer Cake 
Cocteau Twins  Sugar Hiccup 
The Bachelor Pad  Country Pancake 
The Laughing Apple  Wouldn't You 
Jason Crest  (Here We Go Round the) Lemon Tree 
Apples In Stereo  Silver Chain 
Stereolab  Canned Candies 
My Bloody Valentine  Strawberry Wine 
Auntie Pus  Marmelade Freak 
Bis  Sweet Shop Avengerz 
The Pastels  Baby Honey 
The Moog Machine  Yummy Yummy Yummy 


Today lusty kazoo said one of my mixes was nearly edible, so I decided to make this little sugary cavity-causing confection. Get a spoon and enjoy!
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Date: 10/9/2004
... and I'll have this for desert! Screw counting calories -- now get in my belly!
Date: 10/9/2004
Awesome. Mad skillz.
Date: 10/9/2004
This made my sensitive molar on the left side of my mouth hurt! Where's the Sensodine?THANKS! - Patton
lusty kazoo
Date: 10/9/2004
holy goodness, my spoon is ready ... now if only i can teach my ears to use it. i send an extra brav0!