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Hello? Poison Control?

Side A
Artist Song
Love Spirals Downwar  Welcome Christmas 
Alien Sex Fiend  Hurricane Fighter Pl 
Malaise  Walking Through the 
Scanner  Gazelle in the Deser 
Oingo Boingo  Only A Lad  
Warren Zevon  I'll Sleep When I'm 
Respected Man  Lords of The New Chu 
Pretty Persuasion  Roxy Music 
Alle in Asche  Ultra Vivid Scene 
Control  The Cure 
The Pixies  There Goes My Gun 
Side B
black tape for a blu  Chanukkah, Oh Channu 
Psychedelic Furs  Soap Commercial 
Lard  The Power of Lard  
Bauhaus  Boys  
Johnny Bond  Ten Little Bottles  
The Kinks  Well 
Partners in Crime  R.E.M. 
Out of the Blue  Mephisto Waltz 
Medicating Angels  The Wake 
Grinding Halt Joy Di  Means to an End 


i made this tape for one of my best friends this past new year's. it was named after an incident where we'd split a bottle of Chartreuse and gone dancing, and were so hung over the next day that we thought we'd given ourselves wormwood poisoning. all of these songs are about him, in a way, or have some special significance to us. for instance, i put in "soap commercial" because he'd done all my laundry at his parents' house, as my christmas present; "scary monsters" is how people react to us in public. in retrospect, i wish i hadn't put all of "ten little bottles" on the thing; it's really only funny the first time you hear it. the friend i gave this to tends to fast-forward through it. but i like how i kept it all nice and multi-cultural----christmas AND chanukkah! if only they made kwanzaa music...