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Dress Up and Dance at the Carnival! - Politcal Mix 2004

Artist Song
Kayne West  The New Workout Plan 
Paris, Texas  Bombs Away 
Le Tigre  Deceptacon 
Metric  Succexy 
!!! (Chk Chk Chk)  Dear Can 
Kinky  Presidente 
The International Noise Conspiracy  Bigger Cages, Longer Chains 
Gerling  Get Activated 
Hot Hot Heat  Save Us S.O.S. 
Million Dead  I am the Party 
The Blow  Democracy of Small Things 
Robots in Disguise  DIY 
Internal External feat. Kathleen Hanna  Stepping Up to the Mic 
K-OS  B-Boy Stance 
Mos Def  Umi Says 
Northern State  All the Same 
Head Automatica  I Shot Andy Warhol 
Modest Mouse  Ohio 
TV on the Radio  Bomb Yourself 


How's it going AoTMers?
This here is a concept that has been brewing since last fall, but really didn't take flight until this summer when it was fully actualized.
Some of these songs take on the topic strongly while others prance around the idea. However, choose and lose twenty-oh-four, will you vote? i will, and hopefully it will be counted. The title comes from a poem by Elizabeth Bishop, titled 'Pink Dog.' All right, later, you all!!!
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Date: 10/11/2004
Nice one! Wish I'd thought to put Save Us S.O.S. on my political mixtape. All excellent choices.