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CD | Mixed Genre

You're Like Digital Photography... NO NEGATIVES!

Artist Song
Yellowcard  October Nights 
Meredith Brooks  Shine 
Blue October  Calling You  
Say Colour  Summer in My Heart 
Natasha Bedingfield  These Words 
Counting Crows  Accidentally in Love 
Velocity Girl  I Can't Stop Smiling 
GoGo Girls  I Want Your Kiss, Boy 
Mickey & Mitch  Kiss at the End of the Rainbow 
Mr. Lunt  His Cheeseburger 
Van Morrison  Moondance 
ATC  Without Your Love 
Allister  Radio Player 
Powerpuff Girls  Love Makes the World Go 'Round 
Plus One  Written on My Heart 
They Might Be Giants  Sapphire Bullets of Pure Love 
Shawn Colvin  Never Saw Blue Like That 
Queen  One Year of Love 


This mix is to commemorate one year with the Mateo, thus the reason it's a little heavy on the mush and categorized as a "romantic" mix when the others were "mixed genre." The title is derived from a stupid joke that I made up for lack of any better ideas. Highlights of "No Negatives" include "I Want Your Kiss, Boy," which is perhaps the bubblegum poppiest song ever written. Ties with Bubbles' "My Boyfriend" for most obnoxious.