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CD | Alternative - Indie Rock

to make the living dead feel so alive

Artist Song
beat happening  tiger trap 
sonic youth  teenage riot 
american analog set  the only one 
patrick wolf  a boy like me 
mirah  recommendation 
the kills  gypsy death and you 
tilly and the wall  nights of the living dead 
fleming and john  ugly girl 
death cab for cutie  company calls 
we ragazzi  i want you to love me so much i can't stand up 
ex models  rock & roll simulator 
braid  this charming man (smiths cover, naturally) 
snoozer  daria theme song (cover) 
jamiroquai  canned heat 
scissor sisters  take your mama out 
q and not u  wonderful people 
yeah yeah yeahs  pin 
!!!  the step 
rod stewart  young turks 
george benson  give me the night 
hall and oates  i can't go for that 
the violent femmes  waiting for the bus 


for my sister: who has the best taste in music out of all fifteen year olds, everywhere.

the flow:
mellow beats--let's get instrumental--girly dance-pop--you can dance to this--older school you can dance to this--that song you hated when you were eight and threw the tape it was on out my car window but will probably like now that you're cool and stopped wearing winnie the pooh sweatshirts.
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Date: 12/10/2004
Wow -- what a nice sibling to make this for your sister. :)