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CD | Alternative - Punk
CD | Alternative - Punk
CD | Theme
CD | Alternative - Punk

Punk Intro (Disc 1)

Artist Song
Bouncing Souls  That Song 
Pulley  Second Best 
Rancid  Lock, Step & Gone 
Millencolin  Mr. Clean 
Guttermouth  Can I Borrow Some Ambition? 
Swingin' Utters  Pills & Smoke 
The Casualties  Tomorrow Belongs To Us 
Osker  Lucky 
Pennywise  Salvation 
Less Than Jake  Where In The Hell Is Mike Sinkovich? 
Bombshell Rocks  Begging For Mercy 
Dropkick Murphys  Worker's Song 
A.F.I.  The Lost Souls 
No Use For A Name  Let Me Down 
H2O  Faster Than The World 
The Suicide Machines  Hey 
Face To Face  I Won't Lie Down 
Sex Pistols  Holiday In The Sun 
Good Riddance  Mother Superior 
Youth Brigade  Where Are All The Old Man Bars? 
The Distillers  I Am A Revenant 
Strike Anywhere  To The World 
Against Me  Cliche Guevara 
Operation Ivy  Room Without A Window 
Bad Religion  Destined For Nothing 
The Lawrence Arms  Porno & Snuff Films 


I had a friend who thought that all punk rock sounded like Simple Plan and Avril Lavine. I made her a 2-CD set with 52 bands on it to see if I could change her mind. This is the result.


Date: 8/25/2005
Decent... but where's the Dillinger Four or Propaghandi or Asian Man Era-Alkaline Trio or Descendents.

Seems to me like you listen to a lot of Epitaph/Fat Wreck.

Date: 1/8/2011
quality job. lots of favorites on here and on ur 2nd disc. rock on