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Who Knows What Music Lurks in the Hearts of Playlists?

Artist Song
Rossini  William Tell Overture 
Fountains of Wayne  Bright Future in Sales 
Heather Nova  We Can Work it Out 
The Hippos  Far Behind 
Arrogant Worms  The Toronto Song 
The Raveonettes  Untamed Girls 
The Undertones  Teenage Kicks 
Less Than Jake  Never Going Back to New Jersey 
Peaches & Herb  Shake Your Groove Thing 
The Rentals  The Love I'm Searching For 
Three Dog Night  Mama Told Me 
Bowling for Soup  Ohio (Come Back to Texas) 
Man or Astro-Man  Philip K. Dick in the Pet Section of a Wal-Mart 
Tchaikovsky  The Nutcracker: The Chinese Dance 
They Might Be Giants  Purple Toupee 
The Queers  Rockaway Beach 
Huey Lewis and the News  Back in Time 
Dance Hall Crashers  Pick-Up Lines 
The Wondermints  Proto-Pretty 
The Chords  Sh-Boom 
Oingo Boingo  Happy 
Randy Newman  Monsters, Inc. theme 
The Kinks  Picture Book 
Franki Valli and the Four Seasons  Sherry 
Ash  Starcrossed 
Allister  Fraggle Rawk 
The Lemonheads  Alison's Starting to Happen 
Green Day  Going to Pasalacqua 
The Avalanches  Live at Dominoes 
Paul McCartney and the Wings  Smile Away 


Put all my mp3s in a Winamp playlist and here are the first 30 that played on random. Why? I dunno. I just wanted to make another mix. At least they're good songs (mileage may vary)


Date: 10/22/2004
My best friend and i used to make mixes with a 100 cd carousel on random. We called them "no labor" mixes; they were usually very interesting.
lipstick vogue
Date: 10/22/2004
My random Windows Media Player mixes usually turn out better than the ones I spend hours on... go figure. Your Winamp gets 257 extra points for kicking it off with the William Tell Overture.
jed the humanoid
Date: 10/24/2004
thanks for your comment. i just have to tell you that they really did play the YMCA at my formal. and i really DID dance with my Principal. *shame*
jed the humanoid
Date: 10/24/2004
ps i like your attitude on music taste. i have a friend a lot like you. she likes everything good. and almost everything bad. think the Smashing Pumpkins cross Tatu cross love metal. what?
Date: 10/25/2004
I have literally only two of those songs on my computer. (the Three Dog Night one and The Avalanches one). I've heard a lot more, and I might check out some of those that I haven't heard.
Date: 1/13/2006
I think this is a great idea and more mixers should try it. I may give it a go myself someday and hope nothing too embarrasing appears!
Date: 2/14/2006
nice mix. A lot of fun songs. The Love I'm Searching For is great and Fraggle Rawk and Monster's Inc theme are interesting choices for variety.
Date: 2/27/2006
I know it was random but no Exploding Hearts on something with Hearts in the title? C'mon.
Date: 9/11/2007
I like the Macca song, Smile Away! It was a response to John's trashing of his music around that time (How Do You Sleep).