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Sing Me To Sleep, I don't Want to Wake Up on My Own Anymore

Artist Song
Interpol  Untitled 
A Perfect Circle  Imagine  
The Cure  The Funeral Party 
Radiohead  Exit Music [for a film] 
Belly  Star 
Cat Power  Metal Heart 
Jimmy Eat World  My Sundown 
Modest Mouse  Whenever You Breahe Out, I Breathe in, Positve Negative 
Jewel  Angle Standing By 
Fiona Apple  Across the Universe 
Postal Service  DC Sleeps Alone Tonight 
Bright Eyes  Center of the World 
Cat Power  Maybe Not 
Ryan Adams  When the Stars Go Blue 
Pedro the Lion  Lullabye 
The Early November  Sunday Drive 
Cat Power  Good Woman 
NIN  A warm Place 
John Lennon  Imagine [ live] 
The SMiths  Asleep 


I couldn't help but to put the song "imagine" on here twice. I chose the APC's cover because I think its a wonderful cover. I had to put the live real version of the song because it was awesome as well.
All the songs on here are songs of bands I usually listen to when trying to sleep.


rachel stardust
Date: 10/24/2004
lullaby is my favorite pedro the lion song, as well as "a warm place" being my favorite nin song.
god. i love you and i dont even know you.