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From Despair to Where

Artist Song
Madness  my girl 
The Police  The Bed's Too Big Without You 
Pixies  La La Love You 
Dashboard Confessionals  jamie 
The New Pornographers  Breakin' the Law 
Badly Drawn Boy  You were right 
Pixies  Dig For Fire 
shed seven  Cry For Help 
Joy Division  Love Will Tear Us Apart 
Ryan Adams  Nuclear 
Greenday  Whatsername 
Badly drawn boy  Spitting In The Wind 
Morrissey  Let Me Kiss You 
Jay Jay Johanson  Believe in us 
The Smiths  Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now 
Siouxsie & The Banshees  Cities In Dust 
Lucyfire  The Pain Song 
TV on the Radio  staring at the sun 
Client  Rock and roll machine 
Tatu  How Soon Is Now 
Cardigans  Hanging Around 


my mind and life at the moment.
When you are never happy with what surrounds you; then you are only happy when it rains. So what happens when the sun comes out??
You live and you learn. Then you wonder: from despair to where. In other words, from morning glory to office tradegy...


Date: 11/5/2004
Hey - was just wondering - thought that the name of that BDB song was 'Pissing in the Wind'...not being critical just wondered if they changed it for different regions etc. Nice mix though... I can't say I love TATU, I would have preferred the Smiths version, but I'm just being picky now!
Date: 11/5/2004
You're right, i misheard the name and somehow found a version with the wrong name. Guess somebody is as dull as me.

About tatu, yeah they are kind of phony but c'mon it's a good cover and it goew well with Client and Cardigans.
Nicholas Vegas
Date: 11/5/2004
i will definitivly never ever forget the SIOXIE & The Banshees Concert deep down there in Frankfurt a.M. in 1981