sunday morning

Side A
Artist Song
the velvet underground  sunday morning 
death cab for cutie  company calls epilogue 
john parish &polly jean harvey  rope bridge crossing 
bjork  bachelorette 
stereolab  baby lulu 
echo &the bunnymen  the killing moon 
portishead  humming 
the cure  fear of ghosts 
pj harvey  my beautiful leah 
Side B
nick cave &the bad seeds  into my arms 
nico  these days 
aveo  newton &galileo 
future bible heroes  o! what a dream it was 
oingo boingo  can't see [useless] 
neva dinova  did you disappoint your god? 
aimee mann  guys like me 
stellastarr  moongirl 
pj harvey  the bay 
the white stripes  in the cold, cold night 
patti smith  easter 


90 minutes. title is the same as the first song, the velvet underground song on side a, which is something i don't normally do.....kinda like not titling a poem the same as the first line, y'know? anyway, this mix is themed as a bunch of mellow, pretty songs good for listening to while half-awake &driving to work on sunday mornings.


Date: 11/9/2004
much of this I like!