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Jenny goes pop

Artist Song
le tigre  let's run 
the shins  so says I 
alex chilton  oogum boogum 
the beach boys  good vibrations 
belle and sebastian  scobby driver 
of montreal  fun lovin nun 
wilson pickett  land of 1000 dances 
tom jones  she's a lady 
guster  fa fa 
the starlight mints  popsicle 
electric light orchestra  don't bring me down 
the's  woo hoo 
the apples in stereo  ruby 
sloan  chester the molester 
salteens  badaba 
ben kweller  [untitled track] 
otis redding  fa-fa-fa-fa-fa (sad song) 
andy mackay  bitter's end 


My assignment: "A mix of songs with pure pop elements. Those songs with all the la la las and ooohs and other verbal utterances that aren't exactly words. The songs don't actually have to fall into the category you would label pop music, they just need to contain that oo-whoa-whoa-whoa-type filler."I took this a bit liberally because fa-fa-fa's might not be popish enough. I definitely cheated on the last track because the 'bop-bops' are part of the backing track. Oh well, I'm a cheater. Hope that's okie. :)


Date: 11/10/2004
Don't worry--Otis Redding goes with everything. Smoove mix. Check out Joey de vivre's 'bip bop bip'.
p the swede
Date: 11/17/2004
soft and nice