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.ain't nobody gonna make me stop.

Artist Song
wanda jackson  fujiyama mama 
melissa auf der maur  i'll be anything you want 
james  laid 
rilo kiley  with arms outstretched 
spoon  something to look forward to 
the be good tanyas  the littlest birds 
foo fighters  i won't go getting tired of you 
ben lee  running with scissors 
bree sharp  not your girl 
longwave  everywhere you turn 
juliette & the licks  got love to kill 
pixies  i can't forget 
pedro the lion  rapture 
jets to brazil  one summer last fall 
rhett miller  our love 
magnetic fields  meaningless 
tegan & sara  all you got 
bif naked  tango shoes 
josh rouse  sunshine 
guster  what you wish for 
gemma hayes  ran for miles 
belle & sebastian  if you find yourself caught in love 


the last mix made for my journey, i listened to this while walking around colorado springs ... wishing i never had to go home & deciding to stay an extra week to appease that wish just a little


Date: 11/28/2004
Very nice esp 1,5,7,9,12 & 16. Colorado is a lovely state.