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Bands I Saw Live in 2004

Artist Song
Stereophonics [Opened for Bowie]  Maybe Tomorrow 
DAVID BOWIE  New Killer Star 
Crossfade [Point-fest]  Cold 
Auf Der Maur [PF]  Followed the Waves 
Lit [PF]  Ziploc 
Story of the Year [PF]  Until the Day I Die 
Papa Roach [PF]  Getting Away with Murder 
Breaking Benjamin [PF]  Skin 
the URGE [Last Show ever - PF]  Jump Right In 
Big Head Todd and the Monsters [Riversplash]  Secret Mission 
Saliva [Laclede's Landing-July 4th]  Rest in Pieces 
Just Add Water [Landing-July 4th]  Life in Stereo 
Dr. John [Riversplash]  How Come My Dog Don't Bite When YOU Come Around? 
BB King [Riversplash]  The Thrill is Gone 
Murphy Lee [Cardinals Rally]  Cardinals Walk 
Cowboy Mouth [Cardinals Rally]  What You Gonna Do? 
Jesse Malin [Opened for Ryan Adams]  Solitaire 
Ryan Adams  Harder Now That It's Over 


Didn't really go to many shows this year, and most of the ones I did were free. I should have better memories of the FREE Dr. John and BB King show I went to with my dad but when we got home we found out my son was in the ER having had 3 Febral Seizures. The Main reason we went to Pointfest was to see the Urge's last show since they were a HUGE part of the youth of St. Louis of the 90's. The worst of the bands live was Papa Roach(which I knew ahead of time after seeing them at OzzFest a few years ago), and Sterophonics sounded like a "generic Brittish band". Ryan Adams was last Thursday night at the Pageant in St. Louis. Great show by both Ryan and Jesse malin and we got to get Ryan Adams autograph afterwards. Decent year but I'm hoping next year brings more bands I want to see through.