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CD | Mixed Genre

You've Been Sad For a While/Why Not Smile?

Artist Song
Beck  Minus 
Sonic Youth  Swinsuit Issue 
Eels  Electro-Shock Blues 
Bjork  HyperBallad 
The Smiths  There is a Light That Never Goes Out 
Placebo  Summer's Gone 
Idlewild  When I Argue I See Shapes 
R.E.M.  Why Not Smile? 
Red House Painters  Summer Dress 
P.J. Harvey  The Slow Drug 
Sonic Youth  Creme Br┬ĚlTe 
Hymie's Basement  2st Century Song 
Ben Folds Five  Bad Idea 
Neutral Milk Hotel  Song Against Sex 
Lee Ranaldo  Notebook 
Smashing Pumpkins  Blue Skies Bring Tears (Heavy) 
Queens of the Stone Age  Hispanic Impressions 
Little Richard  Long Tall Sally 
Pixies  Bam Thwok 
My Bloody Valentine  Sometimes 
Sigur Ros  (3) 
Elliot Smith  Morning After 


This one's in exchange for a Modest Mouse CD (and bonus Vaselines CD I didn't like) Laura sent to me. Plenty of old guard choices but I really wanted to make sure she heard those songs. She hadn't heard any Smiths songs, I couldn't believe that.