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Cassette | Theme - Narrative

how to prepare for the temp agency

Side A
Artist Song
col cold hearts  lady! reversible! (alleged) 
the rondelles  mission: irresistible 
lou reed  perfect day 
huggy bear  t-shirt tucked in 
joan jett & the blackhearts  make-believe 
babes in toyland  quiet room 
poison  talk dirty to me 
excuse 17  watchmaker 
the new york dolls  babylon 
ronnie spector  bye bye baby 
nice cave & the bad seeds  stagger lee 
the aislers set  hey lover 
u2  i will follow 
red monkey  activity book 
prince  u got the look 
Side B
team dresch  to the enemies of political rock 
aretha franklin  chains 
patti smith  rock & roll nigger 
sleater-kinney  deance song '97 
the gossip  redd hott 
dead or alive  brand new lover 
poison girls  offending article 
lush  ladykiller 
joy division  love will tear us apart 
the peechees  i could've loved you 
revolting cocks  do ya think i'm sexy? 
the shirelles  baby it's you 
the gits  guilt within your head 
madonna   dress you up 
the temptations  ain't too proud to beg 


i made this mix up while getting ready to put in an application at the temp agency after being unemployed for over 3 months. i am trying to have a sense of humor about being forced to walk back into the jaws of capitalism, mindless busy work, smiling pretty & looking cute for a paycheck which may or may not enable me to pursue my radical aspirations.


erin m. curtis
Date: 12/27/2000
good god damn, this is amazing . . . i wish i could have had a mix like this to get me through my horrific summer of temping. i know what you're experiencing right now, believe me. and yay for that rondelles song!