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Things Are Meaning Less

Artist Song
Husker Du  Girl Who Lives on Heaven Hill 
Joy Division   She's Lost Control (extended version) 
VAST  Pretty When You Cry 
The Smiths  London (live) 
Morrissey  How Can Anyone Know How I Feel? 
The Happy Mondays  Wrote for Luck 
The Adicts  Easy Way Out 
Kill Your Idols  Suffragette City (live) 
Elastica  Operate 
Frank Sinatra  My Way 
Nina Hagen  My Way 
Neil Diamond  Sweet Caroline 
Afghan Whigs  Can't Get Enough of Your Love, Babe 
Dead Kennedys  Holiday in Cambodia (live) 
The Pixies  Velouria 
The Kills  Hitched 
Atmosphere  The Bass and the Movement 
Serge Gainsbourg  L'anamour 
Echo & the Bunnymen  The Cutter 
Devotchka  Dangling Feet 


The category is a total joke. The title, of course, is a book by Al Burian.

I made this for Dave, a guy who comes into where I work all the time. I made him read "Lolita". I intend to make him read "Of Human Bondage". Now I am making him listen to my music. Poor Dave.


Date: 11/23/2004
some cool stuff here.
Date: 11/25/2004
ooohh...i LOVE superfun secret mystery songs! what iis iit???????