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punk cover mix

Artist Song
Dynamite Boy  I Want It That Way 
Goops  Build Me Up Buttercup.MP3 
Me First and the Gimme Gimmes  Don't Let the Sun Go Down On Me 
Goldfinger  99 Luftballoons 
Less Than Jake  I Think I Love You 
MxPx  Take On Me 
Me First and the Gimme Gimmes  Danny's Song 
blink-182  Dead Man's Curve 
Less Than Jake  Greased Lightning 
Save Ferris  Come on Eileen 
Yellowcard  Everywhere 
Me First and the Gimme Gimmes  Phantom of the Opera 
The Starting Line  I'm Real 
blink-182  Dancing With Myself 
The Suicide Machines  What I Like About You 
Unwritten Law  Goody Two Shoes 
The Hippos  Always Something There To Remind Me 
MxPx  Blue Moon 
Lucy Loves Schroeder  Then He Kissed Me 
Green Day  I Fought the Law 
No Use for a Name  Turning Japanese 
Further Seems Forever  Bye Bye Bye 



Date: 11/26/2004
Great idea!