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Putting the "Die" Back into Indie

Artist Song
Reggie & the Full Effect  From Me 2 U 
Ben Folds 5  Underground 
The Walkmen  We've Been Had 
Ben Kweller  Wasted and Ready 
The Get Up Kids  Alec Eiffel 
Pavement  Cut Your Hair 
Weezer  In the Garage 
Promise Ring  Best-Looking Boys 
Frank Black  Bad Harmony 
Wilco  Heavy Metal Drummer 
The Unicorns  Let's Get Known 
Piebald  Stalker 
The Pixies  Debaser 


A mix for Nicola composed of Indie Rock songs that don't take themselves too seriously and are mostly either about making music or being a scenester. Frank Black wrote three of the thirteen songs on this mix, namely Debaser, Bad Harmony, and Alec Eiffel (which is a cover). The first track is both one of the catchiest and most self-consciously ridiculous songs in the universe. I used track 2 on Lisa's mix, but what would be a silly mix about scenesterism be without it? The transitions are a little rough in places. Oops.


rocket science alliance
Date: 12/2/2004
I need one of these buttons. Hell, we all do! Great mix, by the way.