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RObot vs. Zombie

Artist Song
Tomoyasu Hotei  Battle Without Honour 
Air  Dead Bodies 
The Beastie Boys  Mody Movin' 
The Flaming Lips  Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots Pt. 1 
Suede  She's Not Dead 
Folk Implosion  Mechanical Man 
Oingo Boingo  Dead Man's Party 
White Zombie  More Human Than Human 
Limblifter  Death Defier 
The Kills  Fried My Little Brains 
The Muffs  Do the Robot 
They Might Be Giants  Til My Head Falls Off 
Odds  Eat My Brain 
Spoon  Back to the Life 
Looper  My Robot 
The Flaming Lips  Everything Exploding 
Supergrass  What Went Wrong (In Your Head) 
Radiohead  Paranoid Android 
They Might Be Giants  Robot Parade 
Zombies  Walking in the Sun