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Cassette | Mixed Genre
Cassette | Mixed Genre
CD | Theme - Alternating DJ
CD | Mixed Genre

Would You Like Fries with That?

Side A
Artist Song
Rocket from the Crypt  Who Let the Snakes In? 
the Pagans  Street Where Nobody Lives 
the Factory  Path Through the Forest 
Johnny Cymbal  Mr. Bass Man 
the Buzzcocks  I Don't Mind 
CIV  All Twisted 
Angelic Upstarts  Leave Me Alone 
Rudi  14 Steps 
Richard Hell & the Voidoids  Don't Die 
the Sugarplastic  Motorola Rocketship 
OOIOO  Right Hand Ponk 
Jonathan Richman & the Modern Lovers  She Cracked 
Os Mutantes  Bat Macumba 
Girl in Park  Aluminum 
Carry Nation  A Temple Made for No One 
NNB  Slack 
Beatallica  Everybody's Got a Ticket to Ride Except for Me and My Lightning 
Bing Crosby with the Andrews Sisters  Route 66 
the Big Thing  C.L.J. 
Frank Gorshin  The Riddler 
the Explorer  Mr. Bach Meets Batman 
the Distillers  Seneca Falls 
Boss Hog  Winn Coma 
----------  1979 McDonald's promotional flexi-disc* 
Side B
----------  Moon Patrol theme midi file* 
the Vipers Skiffle Group  Cumberland Gap 
the Left  Fuck It 
Dead Kennedys  Ill in the Head (live, 1979) 
the Cows  Walks Alone 
Chop Suey  Monkey Man 
the Fleshtones  American Beat 
Tenpole Tudor  Swords of a Thousand Men 
the Freeze  Trouble if You Hide 
the Dynamic Hepnotics  Funky Turban Part 13+ 
Angry Samoans  Garbage Pit 
Figurine  Way Too Good 
the Higsons  I Don't Want to Live with Monkeys 
Kraftwerk  It's More Fun to Compute 
the Germs  Lexicon Devil 
Moby Grape  Omaha 
John's Children  A Midsummer's Night Scene 
Gary Numan + Tubeway Army  You Are in My Vision 
the Metro  Criminal World 
Bjork  Himnafor 
Andy Kauffman  Cash 
Gavin Friday & the Man Seezer  Dazzle & Delight 
Fiona Apple  Extraordinary Machine 
Pop Will Eat Itself  There is No Love Between Us Anymore 
Mouse & the Traps  A Public Execution 
Brian Eno  Third Uncle 
Bow Wow Wow  Where's My Snake? 


Actually a 2-CD set, not a cassette.
Tips of my paper hat to Nest of Vipers for "The Riddler" and Sean Lally for "Cumberland Gap" (thankyouthankyouthankyou to you both). Please pull around to the first window.


Date: 12/8/2004
wwwoooah! look at this. awesome.
lipstick vogue
Date: 12/8/2004
very nifty
Date: 12/8/2004
Date: 12/9/2004
Ooh, how wonderfully eclectic! This rocks!