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45 Grave  45 Grave (1981) 
999  Bongos on the Nile (1981) 
A Flock of Seagulls  Telecommunication (1981) 
ABC  Tears Are Not Enough (Edit) (1981) 
Adam & The Ants  Prince Charming (1981) 
Airmail  In a Moment (1981) 
Alternative TV  My Hand Is Still Wet (1981) 
Aquila  Without a Care (1981) 
Article 58  Event to Come (1981) 
Au Pairs  Love Song (1981) 
Avacados  I Never Knew (1981) 
Remembrance Day (1981) 
Bangs  Getting Out Of Hand (1981) 
Beelzebub Youth  Push Push Push (1981) 
Ben Watt  Cant (1981) 
Black Flag  What I See (1981) 
Blah Blah Blah  Central Park (1981) 
Blancmange  Sad Day (Early) (1981) 
Blondie  Rapture (Edit) (1981) 
Bouncing Czechs  1992 (Edit) (1981) 
Bow Wow Wow  Why are Babies So Wise (1981) 
Bunnydrums  Little Room (1981) 
Buzz  Life Ends (1981) 
Cardboards  Electrical Generator (1981) 
Chameleons  Here Today (BBC) (1981) 
Chefs  Someone I Know (1981) 
Chemicals Made From Dirt  Ike (1981) 
Christian Death  Dogs (1981) 
Classix Nouveaux  623 (1981) 


This disc serves as an "appendix" to the main mixes, adding 174 tracks and 150 bands.

Go here http://www.clockwatching.net/~vroom/ian/1981/ for the other 145 tracks.


Date: 12/16/2004
Nice touch. I kept going, so where's x? and where's y?, but truth be told, 1981 was so alive, even Modern English has be part of the appendix.
Date: 1/29/2005
my name is adrian mills and i approve this mix!

i actually just put the same beelzebub youth song on a mix.