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CD | Mixed Genre

India Versus Hawaii

Artist Song
Catherine Wheel  Kill Rhythm 
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club  Red Eyes and Tears 
Syd Barrett  Terrapin 
Radiohead  Permanent Daylight 
Sonic Youth  The Empty Page 
Nirvana  Serve the Servants 
Tomorrow  My White Bicycle 
Dead Meadow  Indian Bones 
Donovan  Atlantis 
Boards of Canada  Julie and Candy 
My Bloody Valentine  Feed Me With Your Kiss 
P.J. Harvey  The Sky Lit Up 
Pavement  Our Singer 
Yo La Tengo  Moby Octopad 


I guess I take mix making pretty serious. This music, the songs on my mixes compose a world of my own unto itself. I know these notes are totally over the top, but who gives a fuck? The notion that 'rock is dead' and the people who believe that art is just a phenomenal curiosity are nothing more than copout xcuse-makers who can't get it up anymore, justifications for living a meaningless life. They drink decaf. This mix proves that the music of our time is every bit as passionate + beautiful as ever AND more. Like the speed-laced bean drink that partially inspired it, this mix runs the gamut of sonic flavor, from ultra-rich smooth mud flow earthiness to subtle, perfect, flawless balance. Either way, they're both essentially Indonesian in spirit, so it's all good. Absolutely no thanks to Gooom Records for preventing the inclusion of M83's "America" and to all the pricks who don't give a fuck anymore.
Those fuckers drink decaf.

Brendan Musser (2004)


Date: 12/18/2004
I like your sentiments, and the music is good as well. Especially 11-14. Nice mix.
Date: 12/18/2004
Great mix all the way through (from a 52-year-old who still likes his coffee strong and flsvorful)!
Date: 12/19/2004