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The Build-Up and Letdown

Artist Song
The Hippos  Wasting My Life 
Nerf Herder  Cashmere 
Alkaline Trio  Clavicle 
Smoking Popes  Rubella 
Reel Big Fish  Good Thing 
Bigwig  Flavor Ice 
Rufio  In My Eyes 
No Use For a Name  Dumb Reminders 
The Broadways  Red Line 
MxPx  Rock and Roll Girl 
American Football  The Summer Ends 
Alkaline Trio  She Took Him to the Lake 


Life is a series of build-ups and letdowns. The letdown lasts longer and is far more poignant than the build-up. Or maybe I am just bitter. The story goes a little like this: Dan sees a girl. Dan strives for attention of forementioned girl. Dan receives minimal attention. Dan devotes his life to the prospect of marrying the girl. Girl is very bad at interpreting signals (or just refuses to acknowledge them). Dan eventually realizes the girl has a boyfriend/no interest in him/both. Dan composes a mix to deal with it. Life is beautiful.


Date: 1/3/2005
Aw.I love that popes song, though.