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CD | Mixed Genre

little baby martians

Artist Song
Doleful Lions  the Sound of Cologne 
Mates of State  Girls Singing 
Martin Tielli  Merry Christmas, Sergeant Kraulis 
Ral Partha Vogelbacher  Kite Carrying Obelisk over Lake Victoria 
Tub Ring  the Subsequent Rating Given to the Life and Times of Jack Valenti 
Rattlemouth  Lumbering Thud 
Tris McCall  Robert Menendez, Basta Ya! 
Nothing Painted Blue  Modern Again 
Dan Melchior's Broke Revue  Semi-Famous People 
Ted Leo / Pharmacists  Bridges, Squares 
Amy Rigby  Balls 
John Trubee  Blind Man's Penis 
Jim's Big Ego  They're Everywhere 
Fluid Ounces  Tricky Fingers 
Flop  April Ate Our World 
Robyn Hitchcock  the Cheese Alarm 
Josh Joplin Group  I am not the Only Cowboy 
Varispeed  Mach Five 
Weakerthans  Plea from a Cat Named Virtue 


The bestest mix i've ever ever made? No, though i'm happy with it. The best collection of song titles i've put on a mix without trying? Probably.


Sean Lally
Date: 12/20/2004
really cool stuff here - let me know if you're up for a trade. i dig this. good to see amy rigby and flop make an appearance.